Drug Free Generation’s Diversity Tree

The Vision of the Drug Free Generation is to have an evidence-based curriculum that would impact the consciousness of those who understand the importance of having our kids be informed of every aspect of addiction.  The hope is that through preventive education and media messaging the use of illicit drugs by our children will be deterred and a profound impression on the cognitive process of the uselessness of drug use will occur.
The main focus of our concept is prevention, though the education of neuroscience.  In contrast to rehabilitation our focus is to prevent the initial onset of drug addiction.  By understanding the connection between the lack of brain development and drug use, kids can get a vivid glimpse of a bleak and destitute future or of a future filled with infinite success.
Through real world educational experiences, our children will be prepared for all exposure and influences that lead to addiction.   
Part of the vision is the trademarked logo diversity tree which supports the inclusiveness of the mission statement.